ICS Volunteers visit Kopakama dry mill factory in Rubengera

On Monday, we had the pleasure of hosting volunteers from our partner, ICS. The volunteers were given a tour around our dry mill factory in Rubengera in the western province.


After arriving at 9 am, the volunteers were given a full tour of our facilities to see how our green coffee beans are hand picked and treated to ensure maximum quality. The volunteers also learnt about the process we use to remove the silverskin and the parchment


Most of our product is exported as green coffee beans ready for roasting; however, we do possess small-scale roasters with the capacity to produce a final coffee product.



The volunteers were overjoyed with the Kopakama coffee samples provided at the end of tour and we were more than happy to share the taste which we are so proud of. 


The volunteers had the opportunity to meet Cyimpaye Liberatha, one of the many female employees part of our dry mill team. She has been part of our cooperative for over two years. In that time she has become economically empowered and is now able to provide health insurance and a worthy education for her children.


This is just one of our amazing employees that helps us to achieve the Kopakama goals of producing great quality coffee and ensuring sustainable development. Thank you Cyimpaye and thank you ICS volunteers!




Simsch, S. (2014). What on Earth is Honey Process? - Seattle Coffee Works Blog. [online] Seattle Coffee Works Blog. Available at: http://blog.seattlecoffeeworks.com/roastery/earth-honey-process/ [Accessed 15 May 2018].





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