About us 


Historical Background 


KOPAKAMA (Koperative y'Abahinzi ba Kawa ba Mabanza) started on 15th October 1998 by 47 members.  During its creation, the purpose was to protect the interest of members by collecting the produce composed mainly of ordinary coffee and looking for buyers who were also intermediates in the coffee value chain.


It becomes the cooperative in 2006 after getting the legal personality. Since that time, KOPAKAMA has clear vision and mission. Up to now, the number of members has increased till 949 including 356 women.


The coffee is processed using two coffee Washing Stations (Mushubati CWS and Nyagatare CWS) both located in Mushubati sector, Rutsiro District and one Dry Mill recently built by KOPAKAMA itself in Rubengera sector, Karongi District.


Our Vision

To become a cooperative recognized for quality and quantity of its coffee products, which positively impacts members ' welfare and community as a whole.


Our Mission


To improve the coffee production through sustainable agriculture and safe working environment.

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MushubatiRutsiro, Rwanda

kopakamacoffee@yahoo.com Tel: (+250)78840960​

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